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, Angle iron round machine
Angle iron round machine
Angle iron round machine
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Angle iron coiling machine factory direct sales Dezhou angle iron coiling machine manufacturer Wucheng angle iron coiling machine processing angle iron coiling machine is made of carbon steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal profile angle steel, strip steel, channel steel, pipe A high-quality and cost-effective rolling device for rings and flanges with a diameter of ф320-ф6000mm. Its special structure has the advantages of small size, low energy consumption, high efficiency, no noise, easy installation and use, simple operation, strong carrying capacity, long life, fast rounding speed, and reliable product quality. It replaces the complicated processes such as blanking, docking, calibration, and lathe processing of original steel plates, and saves oxygen, acetylene, labor, and raw materials. It is the master machine for manufacturing flanges. This product is widely used in mechanical equipment industries such as fans, bridge formwork, chemical equipment, cable racks, mine explosion-proof switches, centrifuges, etc. It is also suitable for external processing and is profitable. Wucheng Rongfei Air Conditioning Parts Manufacturing Company warmly welcomes people from all walks of life to discuss business. And look forward to establishing various large, medium and small cooperative relationships with more friends in the industry.

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