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, Aluminum alloy tuyere series
Aluminum linear diffuser highlights the characteristics of linear design. Aluminum linear diffuser can be divided into 0 degree diffuser and 30 degree diffuser, which can be used for indoor linear and annular distribution.
The air duct round branch pipe for nozzle installation is directly set on the diameter of Фd, and the decorative cover can also be removed. It can be fixed on the ceiling or side wall plate with ST4.2 self-tapping screws, and then the decorative cover can be fixed by rotating with a bayonet. For convenience.
The egg format air outlet has a special lattice structure, which integrates the supply (return) air outlet and decoration. It is often used for room air supply and return air.
It is suitable for fixed blade swirl air outlets with small diameters in a space with a floor height of 2.70-4 meters, creating a better air supply effect than the diffuser air outlets.
Double-layer louver air vents are widely used as air outlets in air-conditioning systems. According to the requirements of use, aluminum air volume adjustment valves (herring gates) can be configured behind the air vents. The double-louver air vents have two layers of vertical sheets to adjust horizontal and vertical Tablet angle.
The annular nozzle is mainly used in the environment where the air-conditioning air outlet is far from the personnel's range of movement. When the area of public places (such as various assembly rooms, etc.) is large, the air cannot be sent uniformly or the effect is not achieved by the ceiling air outlet.
High-efficiency filter air outlet: GFK series high-efficiency air outlet shell is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed. The high-efficiency air outlet can be directly installed as a terminal high-efficiency filtering device at the ceiling of the clean room.
The waterproof louver air vent has a similar structure and the same performance as the return air louver air vent. The blade is designed in a special shape and has the function of preventing water from splashing into the interior. It is generally used as a vent installed on the outer wall.
The square diffuser has good dispersion characteristics and beautiful appearance. It is widely used as air outlet in air conditioning systems.
Floor air vents and floor swirl air vents are one of our newer products. Can be widely used in offices, conference rooms, auditoriums, concert halls and other places.