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, Double louver air vent
Double louver air vent
Double louver air vent
product description

Double-layer louver air vents are widely used as air outlets in air-conditioning systems. According to the requirements of use, aluminum air volume adjustment valves (herring gates) can be configured behind the air vents. The double-louver air vents have two layers of vertical sheets to adjust the horizontal and vertical pages. The angle of the sheet is adjusted to adjust the airflow diffusion surface to change the range. The width of the outer frame of the tuyere can be wide frame or narrow frame, which can be used in ventilation systems with special requirements.
Applicable places:
This series of products are usually installed on pipes or side walls as side air outlets. Double-layer louver air outlets have two layers of movable blades with adjustable angles. Short blades are used to adjust the diffusion angle of the airflow and can also be used to change the direction of the airflow. Adjusting the long blades can make the supply air flow stick to the ceiling or tilt down to a certain angle (when warm air is supplied). The outer blades of the double-layer louver air outlet or the blades of the single-layer louver air outlet can be parallel to the long side or parallel On the short side, you can choose according to customer requirements.
Double louver:
1. Double-layer adjustable blades can obtain different air supply distances and different diffusion angles 2. Can be used as air outlets 3. Optional aluminum or iron production 4. Single-layer louvers can be used in conjunction with the regulating valve:
1.Single-layer adjustable blades can get different air supply distances and different diffusion angles 2. Can be used as air supply and return air outlets 3. Can be made of aluminum or iron 4. It can be used together with the control valve when it is an air supply outlet 5.It can be made into an openable structure when used as a return air vent, and used in conjunction with a filter.

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