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Wucheng Rongfei Air Conditioning Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional processing and production of central air-conditioning mainframe and end products, such as angle iron round flanges , flat iron round flanges , angle iron flanges, flat iron flanges, galvanized angle steel flanges, and air conditioning accessories, cooling Factories such as towers, winding pipe fan coils, SMC molded water tanks, common plate flange mufflers, fiberglass products, electrical equipment, and environmental purification projects.
The company adheres to the "people-oriented, honest management" corporate policy, and "provides high-quality product satisfaction services" business philosophy, "based on the market, truth-seeking and pragmatic, pioneering and enterprising" spirit of enterprise, implementation of multi-industry, multi-variety business strategy.

For many years, the company has been committed to the research and development of high-tech ventilation and refrigeration products, according to the development trend of ventilation equipment user needs, has successively developed HTF (PYHL) series of low-noise and high temperature fire exhaust fan, HTFC series fire (exhaust smoke Ventilation) Low-noise cabinet-type centrifugal air chassis, SWF (HL3-2A) series mixed flow fan, DXG (GDF) series rectangular duct fan, GXF (SJG) series low noise diagonal flow fan, DWT series low noise roof fan, YDF Series induction fan, DZ (T35) series low noise axial flow fan, DFBZ series low noise square wall axial flow fan and fire valve, smoke exhaust valve, muffler, static pressure box, etc. all have low noise, energy saving and small size. It is famous for its novel design and high efficiency.