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, Flat iron round flange
Flat iron round flange
Flat iron round flange
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Wucheng Rongfei Air Conditioning Parts Manufacturing Company is located in Zhangnan Development Zone, Wucheng, Shandong. It is a comprehensive modern enterprise specializing in the production, installation and service of central air-conditioning and air-conditioning end products. Main Products: Angle Iron Round Flange, Flat Iron Round Flange, HTF Smoke Exhaust Fan, Angle Iron Bending Machine, Fan Flanging Machine, etc. The air-conditioning end product series include: fan axial fan, diagonal fan, centrifugal Fans, fire exhaust fans, mixed-flow fans, induction fans, roof fans, and various heaters. The products are involved in high-tech industries such as biology, food, chemicals, medicine, microelectronics, electronic equipment, dense instruments, cosmetics industry, scientific research and teaching. Customers can provide their own sizes and parameters for production as required. Our factory's technology, high degree of production, less loss, novel processing methods and cost savings. The company has always been adhering to the "customer, quality first" as the company's service tenet, strictly enforce industry norms in construction, and create high-quality engineering, accurate delivery time, perfect technical quality and warm and thoughtful after-sales service Get the trust of users. Wucheng Rongfei Air Conditioning Parts Manufacturing Company warmly welcomes people from all walks of life to discuss business. And look forward to establishing various large, medium and small cooperative relationships with more friends in the industry.

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