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Stainless steel axial fan
Stainless steel axial fan
product description

Stainless steel axial fan is a new type of axial fan with high efficiency, energy saving and ultra-low noise. Due to the use of wide-swept blades and other grid structure, the separation of air flow on the blade surface and the formation of air vortices are reduced, the secondary loss of air flow in the fan is reduced, the aerodynamic noise of the sound source is reduced, and the air flow is stable It has good social and economic benefits for protecting the environment and saving energy.
All stainless steel axial flow fans are made of high-quality steel, and the structure is divided into three types: pipeline, fixed, and rotary. It is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, workshops, warehouses, laboratories, office buildings, stadiums, hotels, restaurants and other civilian uses. Ventilation and ventilation of buildings can also be connected in series or in parallel between pipes to increase pressure, flow exhaust and supply air. The fan should transport non-flammable, non-corrosive, and no significant dust gas, and the gas temperature should not exceed 60 < C.
Detailed introduction of stainless steel axial flow fan:

Direct drive of stainless steel axial fan motor, special design of stainless steel fan from 315 to 2000 mm
Air volume up to 360,000 m3 / h
Static pressure up to 1500 Pa
Can be widely used in food industry and other industries

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