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What details should be paid attention to when installing and applying angle iron round flange
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What details need to be paid attention to when installing angle iron round flanges? In view of this knowledge, we should understand that under the introduction of related professional technical articles, we can understand that the angle iron round flange has a very important role in the connection between the ducts. With it, we can The parts that connect each air pipe with the air pipe and the valve, the galvanized angle iron round flange, it should be noted that the connection of the angle iron flange branch pipe is connected to the pipe end. For its specific installation and application, we also need to pay special attention to the following points, let's take a look together:
In general, the angle iron round flange processing factory has holes on the angle iron round flange, and most of the two flanges are tightly connected together by bolts. In addition, in order to better ensure its tightness, we will also use a gasket in the two angle iron flanged air ducts. In addition, we also need to understand that the angle iron round flange is a split thread connection (wire connection) flange and a welded flange and a ferrule flange.
The above content is our introduction to the application and installation of the angle iron round flange . If you have any other questions or do not know about the introduction, you can directly consult our professional staff and we will be satisfied for you. The answer worked.

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