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, About the difference between flat iron round flange and butt welding flange
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The difference between the flat iron round flange and the butt welding flange is introduced as follows. For this knowledge, we should understand that for the flat iron round flange , it connects the pipe with the pipe and the valve. Part and it is connected to the pipe end. It is necessary to note that there are holes in the flat iron round flange, the bolts tightly connect the two flanges, and the flanges are sealed with gaskets. We must know that a topic that the users are particularly concerned about during the entire application process is its interface problem. Generally speaking, the interface is more beneficial to the application.

In order to better provide qualified flat iron round flanges for our customers, we adopt continuous rolling into a spring shape. Generally, there is only one welding interface for a flange. As a result, the probability of quality problems on the flange is greatly reduced, and the roundness of the flange blank is further improved, thereby reducing the machining allowance.

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