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In the process of strengthening the flat iron round flange air duct, it should be arranged more neatly. Only in this way can the service life of the flat iron round flange air duct be extended. For the reinforcement of flat iron round flanges or reinforcing ribs, the height of the flat iron round flange should be less than or equal to the height of the duct flange, and the arrangement should be neat. The space should be evenly spaced. The two layers of tape are wrapped around the bolts. The circular duct is inserted into the connection bolt nut angle iron rivets. The flat iron round flange connection is snapped in the horizontal direction. The middle of the frame is reinforced, and the pipe is supported and reinforced by a through-hole screw. A special gasket for flat iron round flanges is placed on the inner wall of the air duct. The screw should be set at the center of the air pipe. When the cross section of the air pipe is large, a through-wire screw should be added on both sides near the flange to support and strengthen it.
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