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, Have you mastered the five skills of using flat iron round flanges?
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Have you mastered the five skills of using flat iron round flanges? Let us introduce you to this knowledge, as follows:
Technique one: Hydraulic oil: N30 hydraulic oil. The normal working oil temperature is 15 ℃ ~ 65 ℃. The oil for riveting pliers must be on the line at 1/2 height of the oil standard.
Technique 2: Start the motor: check the rotation direction of the motor (clockwise);
Tip three: When starting, turn the start button on and off several times to check whether the sound of the pump is normal and the expansion and contraction of the riveted piston rod is normal.
Technique four: Adjust the pressure: Adjust the working pressure to not more than 150kg / cm2.
Tip five: start with no load, stop with no load;
In addition, we should also understand that when processing flat iron round flanges, first put the entire angle or flat steel on the cold-headed flange roll machine according to the required flange diameter and adjust the mechanical Adjust the part, roll it into a spiral shape and remove it. Cut the rolled profile drawing lines and place them one by one on the platform. Weld and drill the adjusted flange.
More knowledge about flat iron round flanges, we will continue to bring it to you, so stay tuned

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